ISO 29119 the new software testing standard – what about it?

I spent several years working as a computer auditor so I’m interested in the governance aspects of testing. This article covers some of my concerns about software testing standards and about the possible impact of ISO 29119.

6 thoughts on “ISO 29119 the new software testing standard – what about it?

  1. Hi James.
    Having myself worked for many years in this field also, I felt exactly as you describe while reading definition of ISO 29119 “definitive” purpose.
    While trying to understand whether a new standard was required, whether it would be of interest to anyone or even who would be interested in it, two colleagues and me were invited to make a presentation in a software quality days meeting during november 2011 in Buenos Aires.
    And we emerged with a 29119 presentation containing a summary of some aspects of the standard which we consider valuable, some objections too, and a short list of the standard’s strengths and weaknesses, just to begin with.
    We are pleased to share this material with your spanish speaking readers: they can find original 2011 presentation and a slightly updated one posted very recently, in spanish, in
    All feedback is welcome too.
    Regards and good testing
    Pilar Barrio

    • Thank you Pilar. I think I have just enough Spanish to work my way through the presentation. Unfortunately I won’t have time for a few days.

      I will probably be unable to access the internet for a couple of days. I apologise to anyone whose comment is held up till I can moderate it.

  2. Hi Dane, James.

    As I understand that there are people interested in getting this material translated into English, I´ll try to provide it as soon as possible, at least its most important aspects and updates.


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