Questioning auditors questioning testing

I am due to give a tutorial at EuroSTAR in Gothenburg in November. In the run up to the event I have written a few posts relating to the tutorial.

The first was “Binary opinions? Yes or no?” in which I explain how auditors are moving away from offering binary opinions (yes or no, true or false, fair or unfair) and how modern opinion in auditing is moving in a direction that testing should follow.

The second article, “Questioning auditors questioning testing” discusses how auditors are coming under increasing scrutiny to address the risks that matter and to offer useful opinions to stakeholders. This trend offers opportunities for testers and auditors to work constructively together.

The third article, “Testing inside the box?” looks at how the mindset that both testers and auditors bring to their work affects what they find. The particular danger I talk about is an excessive adherence to positivism. Again auditors are starting to try and understand the bigger picture, what they know and what they can’t know. Testers need to emulate that thoughtfulness.

The fourth (and last?) article, “Not ‘right’, but as good as I can do” runs on from the discussion of positivism. The opposite danger is that of relativism, and I talk about the problems I had finding a balance between the two extremes, and how that experience shaped my attitude as a tester.

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