Dave Snowden & Cynefin in New York

In May 2017 I travelled to New York for the Test Leadership Congress. The great attraction was Dave Snowden’s day long Cynefin masterclass. I wrote this short series on Cynefin and software testing with the support of the Committee on Standards and Professional Practices of the Association for Software Testing.

The first post was to promote the Congress and the masterclass, explaining why I was so keen to attend. The two follow up posts originally appeared on the AST site.

In “Dave Snowden & Cynefin in New York, part 1” I gave an overview of Cynefin and explained why I think it is important, and how it can helpfully shape the way we look at the world and make sense of the problems we face. In “Dave Snowden & Cynefin in New York, part 2” I look at some of the issues raised in Dave’s class and discuss their relevance to development and testing.