The last straw – the project that convinced me to resign

twitter convo with Jenny BrambleThis was a quickly written blog post in response to a tweet from Jenny Bramble. It was about a project that was memorable for the wrong reasons. It exasperated me to such an extent that it helped push me into the major career change that I had been considering.

I also drew on this project for talks I gave in 2014 at Starwest in Los Angeles and Eurostar in Dublin on “The triumph of process over purpose”. The slide decks are available here.

I wrote a longer and more serious, considered blog post partly inspired by this project, featuring many of the arguments I used in those two talks.that were related to this talk, “Teddy bear methods”. The theme was the unfortunate habit of people in IT trying to gain a sense of comfort by following processes slavishly in complex settings, even when that comes at the expense of the real work.