My name is James Christie. I am a software testing consultant based in Perth in Scotland working under the name of Claro Testing. My main area of interest is the governance issues associated with testing. I am also very interested in user experience and incorporating usability testing into conventional testing.

My email address is jameschristie2020@gmail.com.

I can be found on Twitter at @james_christie.

In case you’re wondering, the photo in the header was taken at Lagg on the Isle of Jura, looking east over the Sound of Jura to Kintyre on the mainland and, in the far distance, the mountains on the Isle of Arran. Mary and I go to Lagg most years.

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  8. Hi James,

    I’ve just found your web site courtesy of a link you added to LinkedIn regarding DRE discussion. Unlike the response you received from the author of the OP, I appreciate you putting your thoughts on this subject in to a blog. I’ve added such in LinkedIn as response but thought I’d contact you more directly. From my perspective your DRE blog is very representative of the way I view a lot of “standard” metrics now. I’m going to read through more of your work. Is it John Stephenson you also mentioned (I’m not good at remembering names but have bookmarked his web page). Pretty sure his psychology of testing book will be in my testing library very soon so thanks for that link in your blog.

    Very appreciative of you sharing your thoughts and experiences.


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