CAST 2014 in New York (#stop29119)

Wow! I’m still amazed when I look back at all that happened at CAST in August. It was my first time at CAST and my first trip to New York and it was all a marvellous experience.

My talk was very well received and triggered some interesting developments. In this article I look back at the furore a few weeks later.

This article was a piece I wrote for the uTest blog. That was a great opportunity to get my message out to a far wider audience. In February 2015 I wrote this follow-up for uTest, looking at the lack of an effective response from ISO.

While I was at CAST I was interviewed for CAST Live. This post also has a very good interview with Karen Johnson.

I also gave interviews to, Service Virtualization and the A1QA blog.

This article, “Know thyself (social media and self-knowledge)”, isn’t directly related to CAST, but does explain some of the backstory. I would never have gone to CAST in New York, never mind spoken there, if it had not been for social media.

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